Orange Equine

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The same organic human-grade turmeric, flax-seed, curcumin, and black pepper formula we offer for dogs and cats - just a whole lot more of it!  A 4 lb. container for your ranch animals, or a cost-effective way to insure your larger dogs or multiple household pets can have the benefits of our original "Turmeric Plus" product. 

Each container of "Orange Equine" contains the same amount you'd get from nearly 13 bottles of "Turmeric Plus," at about half the price you'd pay.  

We began our Orange Paws company because of the turmeric formula Dr. Laura Pawlak created for our burro, Angel, to help combat her many inflammatory respiratory issues (allergies, asthma, bronchitis).  After we saw its amazing results, allowing us to take her completely off of immunotherapy shots and steroids of all kinds, we knew this could benefit all animals.  It is wonderful to come full circle and now offer this product to equines as well as dogs and cats, since it was a beautiful burro who inspired us to begin utilizing turmeric for health in the first place.

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